DYNO OPEN DAY 2013 @ scooterlabs

Come and check out the Scooterlabs Setup while enjoying a free BBQ and coffee. We will do some ‘pre-dyno room build’ dyno run demos on the Great Wheel of Truth.

A bit of info…. The open Day is for all types of bikes. I’ll be dynoing a few small engined bikes to keep the noise and fumes to a minimum, including a stock vs Modified postie bike challenge.
The Open day is not a fundraiser (quite the opposite) but a chance for me to showcase what we do and what we are planning. (We are building a dyno room for our existing dynojet Setup so we can open up the service to all classics customs and scooters).
More importantly it’s a chance for us to have a good time and meet people.
The date and format for the much anticipated Mods & Rockers Dyno Shootout will be announced at Open Day.

UPDATE – the Dyno open day was a great success…..

What a great day. 200 sausages, 200 coffees.

We Dyno’d 7 postie bikes (one with turbo, one with nitrous). A 4cyl 250, a trail bike, a vintage MV Augusta 125, a couple of vespas, a tricked up Madass, a Lambretta and a sweet stock sr500.
Oh, and a bmx off the hard rubbish pulled 1.26 hp. At the wheel.

pics to follow

here’s the blog from the Classic and Custom Japanese Motorcycle club of Melbourne

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