Below is the Waiver that must be signed prior to booking  dyno session. It is important that you read and understand the content.


You will be required to read and sign the following waiver…..
“I agree that I have read and completed the Scooterlabs pre-tune checklist and that my vehicle is in a tune ready state. If the tune cannot be completed due to the bike not being in a tune ready state, the cost of the session must still be paid.
You are purchasing a slot of time on the dyno. If your scooter cannot be on the dyno due to it not being in the proper running condition, your time is still expiring. Any parts, chemicals, lubricants, hardware and/or components used by Scooterlabs to successfully complete the dyno session will be additional. Any vehicle on the chassis dyno that is in need of repair or modification to complete a successful tuning session will be subject to an additional charge of the regular shop hourly rate to correct the problem before dyno tuning can commence or resume. This charge is in addition to the charge for dyno time.
Testing and tuning on the Dyno-Jet will push your vehicle to its mechanical limits. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is in good working order and capable of handling the stresses incurred when your bike’s limits are reached.
Scooterlabs is in no way responsible for ANY damage to your vehicle incurred before, during or after your vehicle is operated on the Dyno-Jet. Any damage caused to the vehicles transmission, transfer assembly, engine, tires, clutch, brakes etc. is the the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Circumstances can arise on the Dyno that are beyond the control of the tuner and scooterlabs, and engine failure is a distinct possibility. Scooterlabs takes no responsibility if an engine failure occurs.
I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the potential risks involved with dyno testing / tuning and that I waive any and all claims against scooterlabs for ANY damage to my vehicle as a result thereof.


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