Scooterists are often quite particular when it comes to the tyre they like. I have done quite a bit of research into the different tyres available for general, racing and wet weather use. My conclusion is that the range from SAVA covers all of these needs with a far superior balance of safety, quality, compound and price.

Scooterlabs can order in any tyre you like.

we stock the following, and can order in any of the SAVA range within a couple of days:

sava MC18 : This is a sport profile suited to any 10″ classic scooter. The only excuse to have an old fashioned tread pattern and profile on your wheels is of you don’t actually ride your scooter.  This tyre is well suited to aftermarket tubeless rims as the sidewall is strong and the rating is high.





Sava MC20 MONSUM: designed as an all weather racing tyre, the Monsum combines safety with a race profile. If you do a bit of all seasons riding (or live in Melbourne) this tyre may just save your life. Great water displacement, sticky compound and solid construction combine to help keep you upright in nasty weather. The Monsum will wear quickly if used for touring in summertime and having a spare set of rims with MC18’s on them is a popular way to preserve the tread during the summer months.



Sava MC31 racing soft: The ultimate race tyre for scooters. This ‘cut slick’ not only performs but looks the part. A must have if you like to give it a bit.




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